//Sound the All Clear After Aurora: Solar Storm Forecast 09-13-2019

Sound the All Clear After Aurora: Solar Storm Forecast 09-13-2019

Sound the All Clear After Aurora: Solar Storm Forecast 09-13-2019

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This week it’s the calm after the solar storm as our Sun settles down for a while. We have only sporadic fast solar wind expected to hit over the next few days, which should bring a light touch of aurora to high latitudes. Mid-latitudes, however, should stay reasonably quiet, with no real chance of aurora over the next few days. The few bright regions that have appeared on the Sun, have disappeared just as quickly so the solar flux remains in the mid to high 60s. This means radio propagation remains poor on Earth’s dayside. In addition the quiet conditions also means radio propagation on Earth’s nightside might also suffer. At least GPS reception looks to be good all week, pretty much everywhere around the globe. Learn details about the effects the G2 solar storm had last week, catch up on some amazing aurora photos from the storm, and see what else our Sun has in store!

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For a more in-depth look at the data and images in this video see links in my prior videos. I am saving room here for links to the field reporter images highlighted this week!

Field Reporter Photography:
A.Lindberg, Västerbotten, Sweden:

Adrien Mauduit, Senja Norway:

Patrick Ford, Tampere, Finland:

Cogie’s Aurora’s, Rogart, Scotland :

John-GM7PBB, Isle of Lewis, Hebrides, Scotland:

James Rowley-Hill, East Anglia, UK:

Raymond Kamstra, The Netherlands:

Live Aurora Network, Iceland:

Brandon Pasowicz, Iceland:

Jeremy Kuzub, Kluane Lake, Yukon, Canada:

Tom A. Warner, Cambridge Bay, Canada:

Scott Rock, Sauble River, Ontario, Canada:

Jason O’Young, Lake Louisa, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada:

Ray Majoran, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada:

Deb Maluk, Sandy Lake, Manitoba, Canada:

Jo Lukinchuk, Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada:

Sheri Skocdopole, Central Alberta, Canada:

Dar Tanner, Tofield, Alberta, Canada:

Images by Stan, Andrew, Alberta, Canada:

Jamie Walter, Mt. Katahdin, Maine, USA:

Vincent Ledvina, North Dakota, USA:

Cory Mottice, Northeast Montana, USA:

Dan Butler, Newberry, Michigan, USA:

Benjamin Jurkovich, Mukilteo, Washington, USA:

Paul le Comte, Dunedin, New Zealand:

Ian Griffin, Papanui Inlet, New Zealand: