//Aurora People Get Ready for a Show: Solar Storm Forecast 09-26-2019

Aurora People Get Ready for a Show: Solar Storm Forecast 09-26-2019

Aurora People Get Ready for a Show: Solar Storm Forecast 09-26-2019

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This week the Sun sets us up for a show as a big coronal hole rotates through the Earth-strike zone. The last time we were hit by fast solar wind from this coronal hole, it sparked a G2-level solar storm and brought aurora deep into mid-latitudes. This time we could be in for more of the same, which should make aurora photographers very happy. Amateur radio and emergency responders on the other hand are already having to deal with poor radio propagation on Earth’s dayside due to a low solar flux. Once this solar storm hits, it will likely cause poor radio propagation on Earth’s night side too– at least in through the weekend. GPS users will also need to be aware that GPS reception could be unpredictable near dawn and dusk and also anywhere near aurora during the solar storm. Learn the details of the coming storm, catch up on aurora photos from recent storms, and see what else our Sun has in store.

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Aurora Field Reporting:
Mia Stålnacke, Sweden:

Austin Taylor, Weisdale, Shetland, UK:

Tree Tanner, Northern Iceland:

Brent Mckean, Manitoba, Canada:

Dave Mccolm, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada:

Notanee Bourassa, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada:

Siv Heang, Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

Derick Wilson, Paradox Valley, Colorado, USA:

North Woods AuroraCam, Duluth, Minnesota, USA:

Minoru Yoneto, Queenstown, New Zealand:
Mike White, Port Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand: