//Two Coronal Holes Keep Us in Suspense: Solar Storm Forecast 10-17-2019

Two Coronal Holes Keep Us in Suspense: Solar Storm Forecast 10-17-2019

Two Coronal Holes Keep Us in Suspense: Solar Storm Forecast 10-17-2019

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Although space weather continues to be quiet this week, the Sun has us in a clutch of suspense as we watch two coronal holes rotate ever closer to the Earth-strike zone. The first of these will send us a short burst of fast solar wind near week’s end, while the other, larger coronal hole will send us a much larger burst of fast wind in about 10-12 days. This larger coronal hole has already brought us to storm levels the last two times it rotated Earthside and the hopes are it will give us yet another repeat performance. Aurora photographers should get ready for several shows, with the larger one bringing views of aurora to mid-latitudes near the end of the month. Outside of this, the Sun remains spotless, which means amateur radio operators and emergency responders are still suffering poor radio propagation on earth’s dayside. However, GPS users should enjoy decent reception this week, even at low latitudes. Learn more details about the coming solar storms, catch up on aurora photographs from the last time these coronal holes were in view, and see what else our Sun has in store.

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Aurora Field Reporting:
Adrien Mauduit, Senja Norway:

Bernardus Johannes, Laukvik Norway:

Mia Stålnacke, Kiruna, Sweden:

Giuseppe Petricca, Hebrides, Scotland:

Chris Cogan, Sutherland, Scotland:

James Rowley-Hill, Morston Quay, Norfolk, UK:

Live Aurora Network, Kirkjufell mountain, Iceland:

Jeremy Kuzub, Arkanes lighthouse, (and Icelandair over Labrador), Iceland:

Sophie Melanson, Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick, Canada:

Kim Hines, Teulon, Manitoba, Canada:

Donna, Plumas, Manitoba, Canada:

Rebecca Douglass, Canmore, Alberta, Canada:

Team Tanner, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada:

Dave McColm, Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada:

Notanee Bourassa, La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada:

NEOC Starcam, Maine, USA:

Lillie Farrell, Northern Vermont, USA:

Isaac Diener, Eagle Harbor, Michigan, USA:
Eric Moen, Lake Vermilion, Minnesota, USA:

Vincent Ledvina, Minnesota, USA:

James Garlick, Hobart, Tasmania: