//25 June 2020 Thursday (0100 UTC Friday) Q&A Live Stream

25 June 2020 Thursday (0100 UTC Friday) Q&A Live Stream

11:56 Q & A Starts
22:05 Corey Baldwin, What would you recommend for dealing with the metal roof running a wire antenna?
28:52 Eric Carr KN4QNU Looking for a power supply to build a ham radio base station.
42:58 Phil KA2QIK, Two quick thoughts on how to notify folks when you cant give a podcast, Create a banner and set up an RSS feed from your website.
John W3ATE, Where do I go to register to transmit my beacon on 10 meters from Droop Mounting WV.
46:20 Bill W7DOC, I have questions considering mounting my hex beam antenna on a rooftop tower.
47:03 Paul VA3LPR, What would be the variable range in uH I should look at for a full HF range?
48:48 Jeremy KE8NJF, Any help you can offer with the code plug would be appreciated. I am also curious if I should add a prefix or something to my call, for any or all models since I move from zone to zone.
55:03 Bruce Morris, Simple issue fix for my radio hut I am building.
1:01:55 David Steere AA7DS, I have a DIY antenna that involves using an ICOM remote tuner called the AH4. Hoping you are familiar with it.
1:04:33 Cristian Escudero, Could you suggest where I could find a video with step by step on how to use each part of a Rig?
1:06:47 Cal Carr KN4UZO, How do I properly ground an antenna, antenna mast, and radio?
1:08:09 Chris Kerhin, Want to upgrade to a better antenna and need your advice.
1:09:45 Reece KI5CXO, Having SWR issues.
1:11:35 Greg Crowder KA4PZY, Do you plan to update your Amateur Extra training to reflect the new bank of test questions?
1:12:20 Danny KI5EXY, Should I add a ground wire to the RV chassis for the 30 Amp service?
1:13:04 Bruce Tis W1TIS, When do you plan on updating the amateur extra material for the new question pool effective July 1st?
1:13:22 Harlan Falkin, How do I RF ground the antenna and my radio when I am on the 4th floor?

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