//Update, Canada, UK, US

Update, Canada, UK, US

Pandemic Report

1,600 troops deployed to long-term care facilities in Quebec and Ontario


40% contracted virus in their billets

Sharing hotel space with other emergency workers

Military itself had been testing only symptomatics

55 soldiers who contracted the virus from care homes

Four remain ill

None were hospitalized.

Military now being tested before and after care home deployment


Liverpool, 2 nights of parties

New daily cases UK = 2,341

The latest COVID Symptom Study app data suggests that the number of daily new cases of COVID-19 over the past two weeks has begun to stabilise.


For the past month the number of daily new cases has been falling week on week

This is the first time the data has stopped falling

The R number and growth rate in the UK


Latest R number range for the UK 0.7-0.9

-4% to -2% per day

Region R Growth rate % per day
England 0.7-0.9 -4 to -1
East of England 0.7-0.9 -6 to -1
London 0.7-0.9 -6 to 0
Midlands 0.7-0.9 -4 to 0
North East and Yorkshire 0.7-0.9 -5 to -2
North West 0.7-1.0 -4 to 0
South East 0.7-0.9 -5 to -1
South West 0.6-0.9 -6 to 0



New CDC data

Transmission occurring prior to symptom onset = 40%

Time from exposure to symptom onset, mean 6 days

Mean number of days from symptom onset to hospitalisation

0-49 years 6.9 days

50-64 years 7.2 days

65 + years 6.2 days

% admitted to ITU of those hospitalized

0-49 years: 21.9%

50-64 years: 29.2%

≥65 years: 26.8%

Mean number of days from symptom onset to death

0-49 years: 14.9 days

50-64 years: 15.3 days

≥65 years: 12.9 days

New cases over past 24 hours

Texas, 17,036

California, 14,717

Florida, 13,801

Arizona, 8,444

Georgia, 5,167


Cases, 137,130

Deaths, 2,323

Recoveries, 74,496

Testing rate 5.72%

15th day of record hospitalizations

Surveys, 12% of population testing positive

Bars identified as transmission drivers

Bars being ordered to close

Restaurants 50% capacity, down from 75%

Outdoor gatherings limited to 100 people

Mask orders in many places

Houston, ITUs at 100% capacity

Field hospital option

Linda Hidalgo, stay at home

Dr. Doug Lawson (Houston)

Poor mask discipline

Poor hand hygiene

Poor physical distancing

Staff being brought in from other states