//30 July 2020 Thursday (0100 UTC Friday) Q&A Live Stream

30 July 2020 Thursday (0100 UTC Friday) Q&A Live Stream

15:01 Q & A starts
46:12 Ishmael Samuel J72IMS, Would you recommend the kenwood tm710a and ICOM9100 hf radio as a good emergency set up station command center?
47:15 Matt KD0MYJ, Is 16 gauge okay to use in either the tinned copper or insulated wire?Which vertical, without radials, would you recommend that would give me maximum DX capability?
49:12 Rob KJ7PEJ If i use the wall mounts and have the bottom of the pole on the ground and they highest mount at 11′ leaving 15′ of mast/antenna above the mount point will I need to guy wire it?
52:53 Jeff Wittern KE0KRO, Do you think I am doing something incorrectly with my built in antenna tuner in the TS 59SG?
59:23 Frank KB3EJV, Do I need to add 144.390 to a channel and or scan list or will it send to the background?
1:06:49 Rich 6ZGN, I passed my Extra thanks to your amateur Extra videos in June.

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