//Cultural versus scientific explanation

Cultural versus scientific explanation

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• Males of Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian ethnic background also had a significantly higher risk of death involving COVID-19 (1.5 and 1.6 times, respectively) than White males once region, population density, socio-demographic and household characteristics were accounted for; whilst for females in Bangladeshi or Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and Mixed ethnic groups the risk of death involving COVID-19 was equivalent to White females.
• When looking at total number of deaths involving COVID-19 88.6% were of people from a White ethnic group, 6.2 % from an Asian ethnic group, 4.0% from a Black ethnic group and 0.5 % from an Other ethnic group
• Statistician’s comments
• “ONS analysis continues to show that people from a Black ethnic background are at a greater risk of death involving COVID-19 than all other ethnic groups. The risk for black males has been more than three times higher than white males and nearly two and a half times higher for black females than white. Adjusting for socio-economic factors and geographical location partly explains the increased risk, but there remains twice the risk for Black males and around one and a half times for black females. Significant differences also remain for Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian men. The ONS will continue to research this unexplained increased risk of death, examining the impact of other health conditions.”
• Nick Stripe, Head of Life Events, Office for National Statistics