//Mostly good news

Mostly good news

Prof Sir Mark Walport, (SAGE)

UK on the edge of losing control

Death rates

ONS, IFR, as of 4 August, 0.49%

MRC, IFR, as of 28 July, 0.30%

Peak IFR

Cases, 240,000

Deaths, 1,351

IFR = 0.56%

OCEBM, 18th August analysis of past 4 weeks UK

The trend in deaths, however, continues downwards, indicating that the recent increase in cases is not leading to increased mortality

Our estimate of the CFR as of the 4th of August as 1.5% – and seemingly still falling

German death rates, age adjusted

German estimates of the CFR for people aged 80 +

Week 18, average CFR was 29%

Weeks 19 – 27, fell to 17%

Mid July onwards, CFR was 11%

A decrease of 61%.

German CFR in 60-79 years

March/April 9%

July August 2%

Oxford trials resume


Tuesday to Saturday

The University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute and Oxford Vaccine Group


Expected, some participants will become unwell

18, 000 doses given so far

30,000 participants in the US, UK, Brazil, South Africa

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency


Studies could now resume


Cases, + 245, 584 = 6, 427, 058

Deaths, 192, 388

Cases, v deaths


Dr. Fauci

Immune boosting

You should consider 2 vitamins

Takes vitamin C and D, lessen your susceptibility to infection

If you are deficient in vitamin D that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection, so I would not mind recommending, and I do it myself, vitamin D supplement

Gram or 2 of vitamin C, antioxidant

Herbs, not recommended, if you want to use them fine

Other concoctions I would not do

Flu shots

Everyone 6 months or older should get a flu shot

Immunity may wear off, gets this flu shot middle / end October

Most flu starts middle to end of November

Australia, lightest flu season in memory



College related


88,000 cases on campuses so far

150 colleges with more than 100 cases each

Indoor political rallies



Increased susceptibility to infections



Heart disease

Cardiovascular disease

Stay indoors

No exercise



Don’t add to smoke

Air quality in Canada