//Update and history

Update and history


Cases, + 242, 195 = 29 million

Deaths, + 3,669 = 924, 213




Cases, + 35 = 19, 827

75% of active cases

Police enforcement, arrested 74 people, fined 176

Melbourne, lockdown for the last six weeks

Deaths, 729

Eyam, Derbyshire

Flea -infested bundle of cloth from London

Families buried their own dead

Outdoor church services in household groups

Quarantined entire village

Trade via marked rocks on circumference

Filled holes with vinegar to disinfect payments

Over 14 months

Population 350 – 800

273 died of plague

Elizabeth Hancock buried six children and her husband in eight days


Cases, + 4 = 4,107

Deaths, 52



Benjamin Netanyahu

New stay-at-home order

Countrywide lockdown

From Friday

Start of the Jewish High Holiday season

Schools, restaurants and hotels will shut down

Restrictions on movement


Population, 9 million

Cases, + 869 over the weekend

Half in Vienna

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

Experiencing the start of a second wave

Cases, + 1,000 daily cases within a few days

Mandatory mask-wearing in public places

Czech Republic

Cases, + 1,541 cases

Health Minister Adam Vojtech, nobody expected such a spike



30th August to 5 September 2020, Cases, England and Wales


Cases, 39,700 people had the infection during the week

Equating to around 1 in 1,400 people

Increased in recent weeks

Aged 17 to 24 years and 25 to 34 years

Aged 50 years and over appears to be stable or declining

28 August 2020 (Week 35) England and Wales, Deaths


Deaths, 9,032

9.6% above the five-year average (791 deaths higher)

The rise was not driven by the coronavirus (COVID-19)

101 deaths mentioned "novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

1.1% of all deaths in England and Wales

The lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 24 weeks

A 26.8% decrease compared with Week 34

28 August 2020 (Week 35) all UK, Deaths

Deaths, 10,337

882 deaths higher than the five-year average

110 deaths involved COVID-19, 39 fewer deaths than Week 34.




College related


88,000 cases on campuses so far

150 colleges with more than 100 cases each

Indoor political rallies

Fires and storms

Dr. Fauci

Herbs, not recommended, if you want to use them fine

Other concoctions I would not do

Flu shots

Everyone 6 months or older should get a flu shot

Immunity may wear off, gets this flu shot middle / end October

Most flu starts middle to end of November

Australia, lightest flu season in memory


Cases, + 94,372 = 4.75 million

Tests, + 1 million


Increasing cases

Start manufacturing test kits

Opened a field hospital for up to 200 severe cases