//Viral exposure guidelines, US and UK

Viral exposure guidelines, US and UK


Cases, + 414, 106 (7 days) = 8,249,011

Deaths, 220,362

Dr. Jay Butler, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

distressing trend

increasing in nearly 75 percent of the country

This past week, we’ve seen nearly 60,000 cases a day on average, as well as 700 deaths

Past 2 weeks

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin

Cooler weather that is forcing people indoors

Smaller, more intimate gatherings with family, friends and neighbors may be driving infections

Excess Deaths From COVID-19 and Other Causes, March-July 2020 (12th October)


March 1 and August 1, 2020

Deaths, 1, 336, 561

20% increase over expected

Highest per capita

New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Arizona, Mississippi, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Michigan

States that reopened earlier experienced more protracted increases in excess deaths

Of 225, 530 excess deaths, 150 541 (67%) were attributed to COVID-19

Two other causes reached statistical significance

Heart disease

Alzheimer disease/dementia

Important message as weather gets colder

Close contact, six feet and 15 minutes, operational definition for contact tracing

Cumulative exposures can be as hazardous as 15 sustained continuous minutes of exposure

COVID-19 in a Correctional Facility Employee Following Multiple Brief Exposures to Persons with COVID-19 — Vermont, July–August 2020
(21st October)


20 year old worker

Multiple brief encounters

Six out-of-state arrivals

All tested positive the day after

Officer, a week later, loss of smell and taste, muscle weakness, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, headache, loss of appetite and an upset stomach

Video surveillance footage

Masks not worn at cell doorways

Additional factors


Duration of exposure

Infected persons stage

How likely to generate respiratory aerosols

Ventilation and crowding

Guide decisions on quarantining and work restrictions

People with or without symptoms can be highly infectious

Importance of wearing face masks to prevent transmission

The more time you spend with someone, the more likely you are to get infected

It may have been that one of these six prisoners was a superspreader shedding an awful lot of virus

How COVID-19 Spreads (CDC)


Cases, + 26, 688, UK total


Symptom tracker

Cases, + 36, 241

Active cases, 450, 268

ONS, 2 to 8 October 2020


Community infections, 336,500 people

One in 160 people

Infections, increase rapidly in recent weeks


7,900 people infected

1 in 390 people

Northern Ireland

1 in 250

Tier 1 – Medium

10pm curfew, bars, pubs and restaurants
Gatherings of more than six people banned, (funerals and weddings)

Tier 2 – High:

Mixing of households indoors not allowed

Rule of six applies to private gardens and outdoor spaces

Pubs and restaurants remain open, but no mixing of households inside

Tier 3 – Very high:

Pubs and bars to close

Restaurants open

Avoid non-essential travel, in or out

Schools and Uni open

No wedding receptions

Full regulations