//Second Wave Update

Second Wave Update

United States


Graphics reference


Official US hospitalizations


Republic of Ireland

No social or family gatherings, in homes or gardens


Christmas markets banned

Non-essential shops, hairdressers closed closed

Alcohol sales are prohibited after 20:00

All bars, cafes and restaurants are also closed

Masks must be worn everywhere

Rule of 4

Various curfews


By 20:00 all shops except supermarkets closed

Bars, restaurants and coffee shops are closed, apart from takeaways

Leisure venues closed

Rule of 2

Masks, compulsory, indoor spaces from 1 December

Czech Republic

Face coverings in school lessons

People can only leave homes for essential reasons


Second national lockdown, until 1st December

Work, buy essential goods, medical help, exercise

Anyone going outside, written statement justifying their journey

Non-essential shops, restaurants and bars are shut

Schools and creches remain open


Partial lockdown until 30 November

Social contacts are limited to two households with a maximum of 10 people

Leisure and restaurants closed

Schools, creches, shops and hairdressers are all open


Red, orange and green zones

Nationwide curfew from 22:00 to 05:00

Gatherings for weddings, baptisms and funerals are banned

Older school pupils on remote learning

Masks must be worn in all public places


State of emergency until May 2021

National curfew, 23:00 and 06:00

Only allowed out, work, buy medicine, or care for elderly people or children

Rule of six

Face covering, public transport, indoor public spaces


Rule of 5

About 70% of population, only allow them to leave home for work, school, essential tasks

Curfew 23:00 to 05:00

Movement between municipalities banned

Pubs shut


Restrictions after mink mutation

Rule of 10

Restaurants and pubs closed in places


Lockdown, until 30 November

SMS must be sent to go out for essentials

Nationwide curfew, 21:00 to 05:00

Travel between regions is banned

Shops and secondary schools are shut

Negative test needed for entry


SAGE, 1 – 1.2

App, 0.9

App graphics


UK official data



US to give to elderly, vulnerable, front line workers

Millions of doses soon going out the door


Pfizer, $1.9 billion

NY exception, will be provided when declaration to use vaccine

Moderna / NIH enough numbers, next week

US, 20million people vaccinated in December

Johnson & Johnson

Adenovirus based

EU, 200 million doses
AstraZeneca / University of Oxford
Chimpanzee adenovirus
EU, 400 million doses

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