//Hands, face, space AND Ventilate

Hands, face, space AND Ventilate

Hands, Face, Space, Ventilate

Five ways to avoid catching the virus indoors


If it’s stuffy, walk away

Dr. David Davies, technical director of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

If you’ve got someone who’s infected in a building, and you’re bringing in plenty of outside air, you’re diluting whatever infectious material they’re giving off.

You’re reducing the risk of other people becoming infected.

Look up at the air conditioning

Split air conditioner

If there had been a good supply of outside air, very likely fewer people would have become infected – if any

One person infects 9 in China

Ask about the ‘fresh air ratio’

Prof Cath Noakes, Leeds, Environmental panel, SAGE

Having 100% outside air or close to 100% is a good thing

The more fresh air, the less you’re running the risk of recirculating the virus through the building

Get the office management to check if there’s virus in the filters

Is there someone shedding in the building?

South Korea, 11th floor, one person infects 90

Watch out for draughts

An infected person sitting by an open window or ventilation source

Downwind effect

Dilution effect outweighs the risk

Viral dilution