//UK, Critical time

UK, Critical time

Next weeks


Prof Chris Whitty, CMO

Next weeks, most dangerous time

This is everybody’s problem.

Any single unnecessary contact you have with someone is a potential link in a chain of transmission that will lead to a vulnerable person

UK, 1 in 50

London, 1 in 30

Exercise should be minimised with other people

English hospitals

Over 30,000

Peak last April, 18,000

Anybody who is not shocked by the number of people in hospital

has not understood this at all

This is an appalling situation

Essex, Southend Hospital

Oxygen supply, reached a critical situation

Titrating to 88 – 92%


Hospital mortuaries have reached capacity

Emergency site, almost 200 bodies


Reliable data on existing measures in 10 days

Mr Hancock

Two million people in the UK had been vaccinated

England, 200,000 daily

Follow the spirit as well as the letter of the rules

Every time you try to flex the rules that could be fatal

Staying at home, most important thing we can do collectively as a society

Vaccination target

UK, 15 million, by mid-February


Healthcare workers


Some 600,000 invitations were due to be sent out over the weekend

Why not use bigger vials?

Nadhim Zahawi

Different age groups in this second wave

Infections highest in recent months



Young adults, 20s and 30s

Therefore more getting sick and hospitalised

Overall pattern of seriously illness or death, not changed significantly

Risk of death, doubles about every eight years