//A Filament Slingshots Towards Earth | Solar Storm Forecast 02.22.2021

A Filament Slingshots Towards Earth | Solar Storm Forecast 02.22.2021

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This week our Sun has livened things up a bit with some fast solar wind that has kept us at active conditions for several days and brought aurora to many places around the world. But just as this solar storm begins to wane, the Sun launches another solar storm, this time from filament that has been slingshot towards Earth. The NASA prediction model runs indicate this new solar storm will hit Earth as early as February 23rd. NOAA prediction model run is not quite as optimistic and shows the solar storm going mainly east of Earth, and only grazing our planet around the 24th. Either way, because Earth’s magnetic shield has already been rattled, it wont take much to bring us back up to active conditions and very possibly storm levels. So, aurora photographers should keep their batteries charged because we could be in for some more aurora views, even down to mid-latitudes. As for amateur radio and emergency operators, the solar flux is remaining in the mid-70s, thanks to bright region 2803 and this means radio propagation will stay in the marginal range on Earth’s day side. However, because of the solar storm, radio propagation might be a bit enhanced on the dayside, even as propagation tanks on the nightside over this week. GPS users should also be careful as GPS reception will be impacted near dawn and dusk and anywhere near aurora during the solar storming. Learn the details of the coming solar storm, catch up on aurora photos during the recent storming, and see what else our Sun has in store this week.
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