//Excelent vaccine results, with time

Excelent vaccine results, with time

BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine in a Nationwide Mass Vaccination Setting



Vaccinations, December 20, 2020, to February 1, 2021

Matched to unvaccinated controls in a 1:1 ratio

According to demographic and clinical characteristics

N = 596,618 (in each group)


Symptomatic infections, 5,996 (57%)

Requiring hospitalisation, 369

Severe cases of Covid-19, 229

Deaths, 41


Vaccine effectiveness at days 14 through 20 after the first dose

Vaccine effectiveness at 7 or more days after the second dose

Documented infection

46% and 92%

Symptomatic Covid-19

57% and 94%


74% and 87%

Last hospitalisation in the vaccinated group at 32 days

Severe disease

62% and 92%

Last severe case in the vaccinated group at 30 days

Effectiveness in preventing death

72% for days 14 through 20 after the first dose

Deaths after 44 days

Vaccinated group, 9

Unvaccinated group, 32

Last death in the vaccinated group at 30 days


Consistent with a gradual daily increase in vaccine effectiveness

This study in a nationwide mass vaccination setting suggests that the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine is effective for a wide range of Covid-19–related outcomes, a finding consistent with that of the randomized trial.