//Audio Fix (SEE DESCRIPTION) to Solar Storm Forecast 03.14.2021

Audio Fix (SEE DESCRIPTION) to Solar Storm Forecast 03.14.2021

Since You Tube doesnt allow us to replace audio tracks in our videos, I had to upload a whole new video to help fix *SOME* of the audio issues in my latest post. The bad news is that I can’t fix them all. The good news is that I HAVE A NEW WIRELESS AUDIO RIG!!! It arrived today, Ive already set it up, tested it, and it looks like it is going to fix the pernicious audio gremlin problem I’ve been having!
For those super savvy individuals who love technical details, this is my third wireless rig. My first two used low-band UHF between 400-600 MHz. Neither of these two cut through the RF interference issues. This time, however, I got a rig that uses RX/TX in the high-band UHF 900 MHz range. Looks like that did the trick! WHEW. So, starting with my NEXT forecast, my audio gremlins should be gone. Thanks for sticking it out with me!
(BTW–Please see my other forecast for the original video description.)

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Aurora Field Reporter Photos:
Adrien Mauduit, Senja, Norway:

Chigaga, Murmansk, Russia:

Chris Cogan, Muie, Scotland:

North Coast Snapper, Northern Ireland:

James Rowley Hill, Norfolk, UK:

Kareen, Sheltand, UK:

Kim Hines, North of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:

Deb Maluk, Sandy Lake, Manitoba, Canada:

Donna, Plumas, Manitoba, Canada:

Siv Heang, Calgary Alberta, Canada:

Tree Tanner, Alix, Alberta, Canada:

Shannon Kivi (906 images), Marquette. Michigan, USA:

ShelbydiamondStar Photogrpahy, Eagle Hrbor, Michigan, USA:

Vincent Ledvina, Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA:

Jake Stehli, central Wisconsin, USA:

ChasingNature Photography, Awarua Bay, New Zealand:

Angus McNaughton, Boulder Beach, New Zealand:

Tim, Invercargill, New Zealand: