//DroidStar – No HotSpot Needed!

DroidStar – No HotSpot Needed!

Since I recently sold the last of my DMR gear, I have been off V/U digital modes. However, Jim KB2UDD told me about this crazy DroidStar App for Android.

Although I have no interest it getting back on DMR, I thought I’d take the challenge and see if I could get the app working on my very old Nexus 7 tablet. How old is it? It’s running Android 6.0.1.

Once installed, I loaded my call and dmr id in the settings panel. There are multiple protocols to choose from but I just wanted to see if DMR would respond. I set the mode to DMR and selected BM-3101 from the list of available servers. However, I kept getting a popup message stating that I needed a valid Call and DMR ID. Huh?

My OpenSpot 2 was sold quite some time ago and I found out that BrandMeister requires an additional HotSpot password to be stored in the Self-Care section of their web site. For detailed instructions on setting up that special password, look here.

After setting up the HotSpot Self Care password and entering that password into the settings panel of the DroidStar app I was finally able to connect to 3101 and listen to TG 91.

RX audio quality was mixed. I’d rate it from poor to good at best. The age of my tablet and lack of CPU cycles may have much to do with the poor audio quality. Obviously I have not tried transmitting with the app yet.

Speaking of transmitting with a new gadget, BrandMeister has TG 98 set up for testing without interrupting QSO’s. Read about it here.