//Our Sun Dims After Storming: Solar Storm Forecast 05-23-2019

Our Sun Dims After Storming: Solar Storm Forecast 05-23-2019

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Our Sun dims down a bit this week as the two active regions, 2740 and 2741 rotate out of earth-view. These regions are staying active and have even fired a few solar storms on the Sun’s backside. Unfortunately, this means we are back to a spotless Sun, which means poor radio propagation on Earth’s dayside. These conditions will likely continue over the next week or more before things improve again. As for aurora possibilities, we do have a few small pockets of fast solar wind that will hit over the next few days that could bring unsettled and up to possibly storm conditions at high latitudes. However, aurora views are expected to be elusive, with only a small chance of views at mid-latitudes. Learn the details of the coming fast solar wind, catch up on aurora pics from last week’s G1 and G3 storms, and see what else our Sun has in store!

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