//Ham Radio Email | Winlink Wednesday Net Check-in Vara HF

Ham Radio Email | Winlink Wednesday Net Check-in Vara HF

Hello Operators.
Sending Ham Radio Email is not new, but it may be abstract or even foreign concept for many amateur radio operators. Today is Winlink Wednesday. Winlink Wednesday exists to give ham radio operators a chance to learn Winlink skills, they might not have have a chance to learn, in a real emergency..
In this video, we will check-in to the North Texas Winlink Net using Vara HF and Winlink Express. There is no movie magic, or timelapse, so that you can see the process from start to finish, including band fading, QRM, and the adaptive nature of vara HF during a Winlink session.
Julian oh8stn
Share video URL: https://youtu.be/eyjlhSlu19M

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