//Viral load, x 1,200

Viral load, x 1,200

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Viral infection and transmission in a large well-traced outbreak caused by the Delta SARS-CoV-2 variant



China, all 167 infections traced back to the first index case

N = 126

Daily sequential PCR testing of the quarantined subjects

Viral load, more than1000 times higher than that of the 19A/19B

Suggesting the potential faster viral replication rate and more infectiousness of the Delta variant at the early stage of the infection.

Disease control measures, including the frequency of population testing, quarantine in pre-symptomatic phase and enhancing the genetic surveillance should be adjusted to account for the increasing prevalence of the Delta variant at global level.

Intra-family transmissions

Incubation period, 2020, 19A/19B strains

Exposure to first PCR positive, 6 days (IQR 5.00-8.00) days in the 2020 epidemic

Incubation period, 2021

4 days (IQR 3.00-5.00)

Relative viral loads, 2020, 19A/19B

(When SAS-CoV-2 viruses were firstly detected in hosts)

Ct value 34.31 (IQR 31.00~36.00)

Relative viral loads, 2021

Ct value 24.00 (IQR 19.00~29.00)

Delta variant infections,1260 times higher than the 19A/19B strains infections

These data highlight that the Delta variant could be more infectious during the early stage of the infection.

Delta variant, exposure to the detection of viruses peaks at ~3.7 days