//Review: The New ATS-25 Si4732 Receiver

Review: The New ATS-25 Si4732 Receiver

While the new ATS-25 has a touch screen and gives the appearance (illusion) of a big upgrade from its ATS-20 predecessor, once the cover comes off there’s little to get excited about. The $55 ATS-20 may have been a fun kit (toy) but the $130 ATS-25 is not much better internally. Perhaps the encoder is more reliable but the Si4732 uses the same Sketch as it’s known in the Arduino world. PU2CLR has developed an open source library for the Si4732 project.

Kevin O’Reilly a YouTuber has done a series of videos on the ATS-20. Kevin recently posted an ATS-20, ATS-25 side by side comparison. Kevin states there’s little difference between listening to the units with the exception of FM. Kevin said the FM performance is actually better on the ATS-20 which he feels is due to past Sketch updates.

Paul OM0ET, a YouTuber I follow purchased an ATS-25 and popped the cover. In the video below, Paul goes over the components of the ATS-25 and does a spot-on job of explaining which hardware is included but more importantly which hardware is missing.

OM0ET’s Review of The Si7432 ATS-25 Receiver

The bottom line? IMHO, if you think a touchscreen receiver with minimal performance is something that interests you, perhaps finding the ATS-25 in kit form might be cool. However, if I were in the market for a receiver I’d opt for a pocket-sized Belka DX or something like a Tecsun PL-880. Why pay $130 for a toy when other alternatives with far better performance are readily available.

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