//High quality epidemiology

High quality epidemiology

ONS, Week ending 27th August 2021, Polling direct link, https://www.youtube.com/c/Campbellteaching/community

Estimated percentage of the community population that had COVID-19 was:

1.41% in England (1 in 70 people)

0.92% in Wales (1 in 110 people)

1.56% in Northern Ireland (1 in 65 people)

1.32% in Scotland (1 in 75 people)

Self-reported long COVID at 1 August 2021

An estimated 970,000 people in private households (1.5%)

4 in 10 were experiencing these symptoms over a year


Adversely affected the day-to-day activities in 66%

Fatigue, 58%

Shortness of breath, 42%

Muscle ache, 32%

Difficulty concentrating, 31%

Anxiety, Anosmia, GI

More common among:

Aged 35 to 69 years


Most deprived areas

Workers in health or social care

Another health condition or disability

Individuals reinfected with COVID-19 had a lower viral load with the second infection

Number of reinfections was low overall

Cycle threshold less than 30, classified as “strong positives”

i.e. most reinfections had Ct of more than 30, indicating lower viral load

Therefore, unlikely to be very symptomatic

120 day cut off

UK goes back to work

Traffic jams, pre-pandemic levels

Packed underground

Private sector workers ordered back

London, Birmingham, most cities

Public sector workers, gradual return

Survey updates