//Symptom change and waning protection

Symptom change and waning protection

COVID cases no longer climbing as feared, except Scotland



Data from 21st August to 4th September

COVID cases no longer climbing as feared

Current cases, + 51,876 (symptomatic)

Based on PCR and LFT test data from up to five days ago, n = 31,075

Down 9.2% from 57,158 new daily cases last week

In the fully vaccinated population

Cases, + 17,674 (symptomatic)

(Last week’s average, + 17,342)

New cases are the highest among the 0-18 and 18–35 year-old

On average 1 in 90 people in the UK currently have symptomatic COVID

UK R value = 1.0

Wales, 1.1

Scotland, 1.1

Scotland and England

Cases remain highest in 0-19 years old

Longer covid

894 people a day will go on to experience symptoms for longer than 12 weeks

Professor Tim Spector

It’s great to see the return to schools and summer festivals haven’t yet resulted in a spike in cases as feared.

Worse in Scotland, rates are still rising

Scottish hospitals could soon be overwhelmed

The Scottish situation makes it clear we can’t be complacent about COVID as winter approaches

We are still producing far too many Long Covid cases and hospitalisations unnecessarily

For 521 days, ZOE and King’s College London have demanded cold and flu-like symptoms be recognised as common COVID-19 symptoms

UK rates the highest in Europe, if the government continues with no restrictions,

surely we should at least help people to recognise the symptoms early and know when to stay at home