//Omicron has peaked in UK

Omicron has peaked in UK

Cases are now still high but on the way down. I expect the US to follow this trend in about 2 to 3 weeks.


Zero covid policy

Quebec stops PCR tests for general public

Omicron, up to 60,000 tests per day


(Ontario already limiting)

PCR tests reserved,

high risk settings, hospitals, long-term care homes, prisons, homeless shelters, remote communities

Dr. Marie-France Raynault, Quebec public health

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the Omicron wave


Use rapid tests (if available)

Isolate if symptomatic

After 2 vaccine doses, isolate for 5 days


HCWs, 11,712 on Monday

Montreal police, 550 to 650, New Year’s Day

British Colombia


British Columbia, reserved for First Responders, critical care

Public, just isolate, no LFTs either



British Columbia we are asked NOT to get tested if we have symptoms and we have been vaccinated.

Isolate and return to normal work if asymptomatic after 5 days


Daily case reports have been falling, Cleveland, Newark, Washington, D.C.

Peaked, Chicago, NY, Puerto Rico, areas of Colorado


Symptomatic cases down 12% on the week

Omicron is more infectious than common colds and influenza

Prevalence in UK

UK, 1 in 24
London, 1 in 18
NE, 1 in 17

Omicron Symptoms

Omicron incubation 2 days

Symptomatic disease with omicron is shorter

Most people could leave isolation at 5 days

Long covid, probably less than with delta

Current symptoms

Runny nose, 73%

Headache, 68%

Fatigue, 64%

Sneezing, 60%

Sore throat, 60%

Persistent cough, 44%

Hoarse voice, 36%

Chills or shivers, 30%

Fever, 29%

Dizzy, 28%

Brain fog, 24%

Altered smell, 23%

Sore eyes, 23%

Unusual muscle pains, 23%

Skipped meals, 21%

Loss of smell, 19%

Chest pain, 19%

Swollen glands, 19%

Feeling down, 16%

Professor Tim Spector


The ZOE data suggests the Omicron wave has peaked, and cases are starting to come down in almost all regions of the UK.

Hospitalisation, deaths and early data on the severity of Omicron is also looking positive.

The other reassuring sign is that cases in the elderly are plateauing at a low level, sparing this more vulnerable group from the worst of the Omicron wave.

This is likely because this group has been more careful and others are being careful around them.

However, we can’t rule out an uptick in children, which could then have a knock on effect on the other age groups.

In terms of guidance, working from home remains an easy thing many of us can do to slow spread, and wearing high quality masks on public transport to me still feels sensible.

Covid symptoms are now for the first time this winter more common than colds and flu and are indistinguishable.

I don’t expect these rates to go down to zero as Omicron is so infectious that it will probably continue to circulate at manageable levels in the population until late spring

Latest ONS data


Elias Balderas

Got Alpha in April. Was Ill for 2 weeks.

Just got omicron last week. Was very mild for me this time around. First 24 hours felt like a cold.

Had the chills over night with slight cough. 72 hours later all is pretty much normal now.

Not vaccinated BTW. I believe prior infection probably made it more mild for me this time.