//Good news, BA 2 milder than BA 1

Good news, BA 2 milder than BA 1

Symptoms, Runny nose, 83% Fatigue, 72% Sore throat, 68% Sneezing, 69%

Headache, 68%

Persistent cough, 57%

Hoarse, 49%

Chills or shivers, 37%

Joint pains, 35%

Dizzy, 32%

Fever, 32%

Brain fog, 29%

Sore eyes, 27%

Altered smell, 26%

Muscle pains 23%

Lower back pain, 24%

Swollen glands, 21%

Skipped meals, 19%

Ear ringing, (Tinnitus) 19%


UK symptom study


Rates of decline slowing, down 8% on past week

Signs of leveling off

BA.1 and BA.2 symptoms

UK, 94% BA.2

Comparing last 3 months with previous 3 months

BA.2 less severe disease than BA.1

BA.2 lower rates of hospitalisation, about half as many

BA.2 more symptoms, but milder

More people with more than 5 symptoms, about 50% more

More common with BA.2 than BA.1

Runny nose


Loss of smell



Hoarse voice

Swollen glands

Red welts on face or lips

Dizzy, light headed

Persistent cough

Brain fog

Skipped meals


Ear ringing

Altered smell

Sore throat

Chills or shivers


More common with BA.1 than BA.2

Abdominal pain

Hair loss





Further restrict access to food and hospitals in some parts of the city

Access to hospitals must first be approved

Only permitting government food deliveries

Neighbours of Covid-19 cases, forced into government quarantine facilities, even if testing negative

Seventh week of city-wide restrictions

Have not reached "societal zero"

Extreme disinfection, inside homes

"closed loop management" employees have to live at work

President Xi Jinping re-iterated his commitment to "zero-Covid"

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

When we talk about zero-Covid, we don’t think that it’s sustainable, considering the behaviour of the virus now and what we anticipate in the future

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South Africa

Signs BA.4 and BA.5 may be reinfecting those recovered from BA.1

North Korea

Population 25 million

All unvaccinated