//The Hottest Pocket Sized HF Receiver?

The Hottest Pocket Sized HF Receiver?

The Belka-DX is an amazing, high quality receiver that covers 1.5 to 31mHz. Available modes are AM, Narrow FM and SSB. Listening to CW signals is also possible with this receiver that weighs in at only 100g.

The Belka-DX can be ordered with or without a built-in speaker. The case size is just 85x50x20 mm and fits easily in the pocket. Using the telescoping antenna provides excellent reception.

The high cut band pass can be adjusted from 2 to 4 kHz, the low cut band pass is adjustable from 50 to 300 Hz. In CW mode, the band width is about 300 Hz and pitch is 500 Hz up to 1 kHz.

32 memories store both settings and the frequencies of favorite stations.

The 1250 mAh battery provides about 12 hours of listening> The receiver can also be run from an external 5VDC source.

In addition to the above features of this tiny receiver, Belka-DX also provides analogue IQ output for a PC based panadapter.

Interested in the Belka-DX? Check out the User Manual. 73 de @ke2yk