//Favorite Logging Software?

Favorite Logging Software?

Why N1MM Logger+:

N1MM Logger+ has been loaded on my PC for ages. Not being a big time contest buff, I never bothered to look into the workings of N1MM Logger+. However, it came to my attention recently when I partnered up with Nick, KF2P who registered us to run a time slot in the W1AW Volunteers on the Air VOTA event the ARRL is running during the course of the year.

Neither of us knew the inner workings of N1MM Logger+ but we knew that our log submission had to be in Cabrillo format. With that in mind I started looking into N1MM Logger+ and was pretty amazed at its features. And, on top of it all, wait for it…. it’s free open source software! That’s the stuff that warms the heart of any retired Ham Radio op I know!

What N1MM Logger + Does:

Despite the fact that it is free, open-source software, N1MM Logger+ is constantly updated with new features and improvements. Here are some of the key features of N1MM Logger+:

  1. Contest Logging: The software is designed specifically for contest logging, and it supports a wide range of contest types, including single-operator, multi-operator, and multi-transmitter contests.
  2. Real-Time Scoring: N1MM Logger+ provides real-time scoring updates, so you can see how you’re doing during the contest. It also provides information on the status of other stations, so you can plan your strategy accordingly.
  3. Integrated DX Cluster: The software has an integrated DX cluster, which allows you to monitor the activity of other stations. This can help you find new contacts and optimize your operating strategy.
  4. Advanced Station Integration: N1MM Logger+ supports a wide range of radio and rotor control interfaces, including serial, parallel, USB, and Ethernet connections. This allows you to control your station equipment directly from the software.
  5. Advanced Contest Analysis: The software provides detailed contest analysis, including graphs, statistics, and exportable data files. This can help you review your performance and identify areas for improvement.
  6. Customizable Interface: N1MM Logger+ has a customizable user interface, so you can arrange the windows and controls to suit your preferences. It also supports a wide range of keyboard shortcuts, which can help you operate more efficiently.

A Rough Guide to Using N1MM Logger+ :

  1. Download and Install the Software: The first step is to download and install N1MM Logger+ on your computer. You can download the latest version from the official website at https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/. Once you’ve downloaded the software, follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.
  2. Configure Your Radio: N1MM Logger+ supports a wide range of radio and rotor control interfaces, so the first thing you’ll need to do is configure your radio in the software. To do this, go to the “Configure” menu and select “Hardware”. Here you can select your radio from the list of supported models and configure the connection settings.
  3. Set Up a Contest: Once your radio is configured, you can set up a new contest in the software. Go to the “File” menu and select “New Contest”. Here you can select the contest you want to participate in, as well as the contest rules and exchange format.
  4. Make Contacts: With your radio and contest set up, you’re ready to start making contacts. N1MM Logger+ provides a wide range of features to help you optimize your performance, including real-time scoring, band maps, and advanced filtering.
  5. Log Your Contacts: As you make contacts, you’ll need to log them in the software. N1MM Logger+ provides a fast and efficient way to do this, with keyboard shortcuts and customizable entry fields. You can also use the software’s built-in spotting feature to quickly log contacts with stations that have already been spotted by other operators.
  6. Analyze Your Performance: Once the contest is over, you can use N1MM Logger+ to analyze your performance and identify areas where you can improve. The software provides a wide range of analysis tools, including band breakdowns, score summaries, and detailed log checking.

These are just a few of the basics of using N1MM Logger. The software provides a wide range of features and ways to customize the interface. So it’s worth taking the time to explore its settings and workflows and find out which setups work best for you.

Here is a comprehensive list of the contests that are supported by N1MM Logger+. Note that new contests may have been added since this list was gathered and some contests may have been removed or changed:

  • ARRL 10-Meter Contest
  • ARRL DX Contest (CW)
  • ARRL DX Contest (Phone)
  • ARRL EME Contest
  • ARRL Field Day
  • ARRL International DX Contest (CW)
  • ARRL International DX Contest (Phone)
  • ARRL RTTY Roundup
  • ARRL Sweepstakes Contest (CW)
  • ARRL Sweepstakes Contest (Phone)
  • ARRL VHF Contest
  • ARRL 160-Meter Contest
  • CQ 160-Meter Contest (CW)
  • CQ WW DX Contest (CW)
  • CQ WW DX Contest (Phone)
  • CQ WPX Contest (CW)
  • CQ WPX Contest (Phone)
  • CQ WW RTTY DX Contest
  • CQ World Wide DX Contest (CW)
  • CQ World Wide DX Contest (Phone)
  • CQ-M International DX Contest
  • Delaware QSO Party
  • Florida QSO Party
  • Helvetia Contest
  • Holyland DX Contest
  • IARU HF Championship
  • IARU Region 1 Field Day
  • JARTS WW RTTY Contest
  • JIDX Contest
  • Makrothen RTTY Contest
  • Minnesota QSO Party
  • Missouri QSO Party
  • NA Sprint (CW)
  • NA Sprint (Phone)
  • NCCC Sprint (CW)
  • NCCC Sprint (Phone)
  • North American QSO Party (CW)
  • North American QSO Party (Phone)
  • Oceania DX Contest (CW)
  • Oceania DX Contest (Phone)
  • OK DX RTTY Contest
  • Pennsylvania QSO Party
  • Russian DX Contest
  • Russian RTTY WW Contest
  • Stew Perry Topband Challenge
  • Ten-Meter RTTY Contest
  • Tennessee QSO Party
  • Texas QSO Party
  • Thuringia DX Contest
  • UBA DX Contest (CW)
  • UBA DX Contest (Phone)
  • Ukraine DX Contest
  • WAE DX Contest (CW)
  • WAE DX Contest (Phone)

N1MM Logger+ is constantly updated, so check the official website for the most up-to-date version of the software, list of contests and other supporting files.

N1MM Logger+ References:

  1. The official website for N1MM Logger+ is a great resource for learning more about the software, downloading the latest version, and getting help with any issues you may encounter. You can find it at https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/.
  2. The N1MM Logger+ Yahoo group is an active community where users can ask questions, share tips and tricks, and stay up to date on the latest developments in the software. You can find it at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/N1MMLogger/info.
  3. The N1MM Logger+ manual is a comprehensive guide to the software, with detailed explanations of its features and how to use them. You can access the manual online at https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/manuals/.
  4. The N1MM Logger+ Facebook page is another great resource for staying up to date on the latest news and developments in the software, as well as connecting with other users. You can find it at https://www.facebook.com/n1mmlogger/.
  5. The N1MM Logger+ GitHub repository is where the source code for the software is hosted. This is a great resource for developers who want to contribute to the software, as well as users who want to learn more about how it works. You can find it at https://github.com/N1MMLogger/N1MM-Logger.

These are just a few of the many resources available for N1MM Logger+. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced operator, there are plenty of tools and communities available to help you get the most out of this powerful contest logging software.

Overall, N1MM Logger+ is a powerful and flexible contest logging software that provides a wide range of features to help amateur radio operators compete and improve performance.