//The Vertically Polarized 20 Meter 2 Element QRP Antenna

The Vertically Polarized 20 Meter 2 Element QRP Antenna

This is an impressive chunk of wire! According to the article I read. HB9SL has created a 2 element 20 meter wire antenna which is directive, has 3db gain, needs no BALUN and has a low angle of radiation! The VP2E is also supposed to compete with the performance of vertical antennas. Knowing this, I had to rummage through my junk box and find a few parts to construct this “monster” of an antenna.

Finding 2 egg insulators, a 7 meter length of coax and 20.8 meters of wire I was set. I found stranded 18 gauge wire and coax equivalent to RG-8X. From the length of wire cut 6.3 meters. The remaining wire is 14.5 meters. Between the 2 lengths of wire solder the coax with the center conductor connected to the 14.5 meter length of wire. The braid gets soldered to the 6.3 meter side.

Be sure to mount the antenna at its midpoint. Another advantage of this antenna is the support only needs to be 4.2 meters high. Direction and gain and low angle of radiation (~26 deg.) will be on the side opposite to the coax feedline. Keep each end of the antenna raised about .6 meters above ground. Like any antenna, performance will vary depending on soil conditions and surrounding objects.

Setting my VP2E in a southwest direction was a snap. Using 2 plastic fence posts from Tractor Supply and reusable tie wraps from Home Depot my collapsible Shakespeare fiberglass mast was up at ~ 4 meters. Steel tent pegs and cord tied off the end points ~ .5 meters off the ground. My yard is small and the 2 meter PVC fence a garden shed always inhibit the performance of all the antennas I try there. But, what the hell!

While band conditions were not ideal and there was QSB on 20, I fired up the IC-7300 @ 15 watts and started hunting 20 meters for a few POTA contacts. Making several successful calls to the Midwest with good reports got me a bit excited. Then I tried calling a POTA station in New Mexico and he got my call on the first go around and gave me a 579. With all the obstructions in my yard my quick test proved the VP2E is all that it’s claimed to be. Next is to take it for a POTA activation!

73 de KE2YK