//DL4KA BAT500 Intelligent Portable Power for Off Grid Ham Radio

DL4KA BAT500 Intelligent Portable Power for Off Grid Ham Radio

Intelligent LiFePO4 portable power pack for off grid ham radio by DL4KA Oliver of DIY599.

Hello Operators.
Today we are interviewing Oliver DL4KA the popular ham radio designer and manufacturer of the PA500 & PA500E (Expedition) amplifiers. Oliver is just about to release a new intelligent portable ham radio power pack called the BAT500.
The BAT500 is more than a simple ham radio battery pack. It is a fully protected, LiFePO4 battery wth integrated MPPT charge controller, 3x DC outputs, protected input and outputs, cell balancing, and much, much more.

Join me in part one of the interview, where Oliver talks about the incredible portable power supply.
Julian oh8stn
Share video URL: https://youtu.be/6CNnpvDXEL4
Available from: https://pileupdx.com/product/bat500-portable-power-system/

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