//How To Build the Worlds Dumbest Drive On Antenna Stand for Under $35

How To Build the Worlds Dumbest Drive On Antenna Stand for Under $35

Need a solid, drive on stand to deploy your inverted V, random wire or vertical antenna during ham radio field events? Then you need the World’s dumbest drive on antenna stand.


As you most likely know by now, I enjoy making portable homebrew antenna systems. About 3 years ago I build this easy drive on stand from parts I had laying around. Today you can build the same stand for somewhere around $35. 

After looking at the photo, you may be thinking that PVC would be lighter and less expensive so why use black pipe? It’s true, PVC may be a few dollars less and is lighter weight but I still think black pipe is a better alternative. Why 2 inch pipe? The telescoping masts I use all have a base diameter of approximately 1.75 inches,


Black pipe won’t fail under windy conditions or stress crack when using longer (30ft) telescoping masts. You won’t be backpacking this stand so is weight really an issue? PVC may be a couple of dollars less but why give up the strength of steel? However, if you have PVC or just want to use it as an alternative, then just substitute it in my list of pipe materials below. 

Antennas I have raised with my drive on stand and telescoping masts include my homebrew HP9SL VP2E inverted V, my SOTABEAMS Three Band Dipole, my QRPGUYS QRP Tri-band vertical and my crazy Slinky random wire vertical

In the photo you will notice that I used duct tape to attach a section of wood to the pipe. The attached wood has a velcro pad which I use to mount my 9:1 UNUN during random wire deployments. The 9:1 UNUN has a connection for the counterpoise wire. 

What You Will Need:

  • To build this rock solid stand you will only need 7 parts. 
    • 1 24 x 6 x 1 inch pine board (I got scrap board at Home Depot)
    • 4 1/2 inch long lag bolts (Amazon has a box for around $6.
    • 1 2 inch by 12 inch black steel threaded pipe (Home Depot $9)
    • 1 2 inch threaded pipe flange (Home Depot $20)
    • Hammer and Adjustable Wrench
    • Paint and brush (optional)

Step By Step:

  1. It’s probsbly a good idea to paint the wood base on all sides if you plan to use it during wet weather.
  2. Near one end of the wood base, center the pipe flange on the wood base. 
  3. Hold each lag bolt over a mount hole in the flange and use a hammer to lightly tap each lag bolt until it bites into the wood.
  4. Then tighten each lag bolt with the adjustable wrench.
  5. Throw the wood base, pipe, mast and antenna in your car. 
  6. Ready to operate? Just drive onto the wood base and screw in the pipe. 
  7. Deploy your antenna and start making QSO’s. 


  • You can build this drive on stand ar a reasonable cost.
  • The stand could not be simpler to use.
  • The stand is durable and will last a lifetime.
  • Using steel pipe eliminates any concern for failure.


If you enjoy working portable ham radio operations as I do, and want an alternative way to quickly deploy different types of antenna systems then The World’s Dumbest Drive On Antenna Stand may be just what you are looking for.